Congratulation to the Awarded & Selected Films

We extend our appreciation to all filmmakers who have submitted their films. Completing a film and submitting it to film festivals represents a significant achievement. Our curated program showcases films that excel in storytelling and cinematography. We are pleased to acknowledge the filmmakers whose works have been selected for our program, and they were present to discuss their artistic endeavors.


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Awarded for Comedy

Running Time: 9:18

Austin, TX

Directed by Olivia Benedict & Griff Orme

Midway" is a heartwarming and humorous short film that brings together Caroline and Sage, two seemingly different women who find a shared past.

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Something Like That

Running Time: 13:12

Austin, TX

Directed by Amber Marie Duhon

River strives to host the perfect birthday dinner in hopes to impress his elitist friends, but his plans are interrupted when Lake and Maisie, a dysfunctional assassin duo, try to kill him.

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C’est La Vie

Running Time: 4:08

Austin, TX

Directed by Michael Scott Payton

Two long lost lovers rediscover what a five-dollar shake tastes like.


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Awarded for Student

Running Time: 12:37

Austin, TX

Directed by Michael Scott Payton

Whether they play your type of music or not, rockers have feelings too.

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Mother of Exiles

Running Time: 2:44

Austin, TX

Directed by Michael Scott Payton

Music video.

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Hadley’s Home

Running Time: 13:00


Directed by Kailey Danielle Morand

"Hadley's Home" follows Emma, a 9 year old girl whose big sister Hadley is returning home from the hospital after a suicide attempt.


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Awarded for Horror

Running Time: 14:22


Directed: Cecilio Martinez & Stefany Sanchez

A young couple trying to patch up their marital woes hide out in a motel, but are soon faced with a reality they just can't escape.

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Good Bones

Running Time: 8:10

Austin, TX

Directed by Joe Finfer

First-time buyers Jeremy and Marisa are searching for their perfect home. Dawn is starting out in the world of real estate, struggling to make her first sale.

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Do You Accept?

Running Time: 4:34

Buda, TX

Directed by Joseph Santa Cruz

A woman is contacted by her childhood friend, whom she has not seen in years, to meet up. The friend gives her a phone and poses a question to her that will forever change her life, "Do you accept?"


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Thirty Days

Awarded for Narrative

Running Time: 21:06


Directed by Lomai


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The Righteous and The Wicked

Running Time: 7:49

Houston, TX

Directed by Cooper Neidecker

A man faces judgment by an unseen cosmic force.

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No Loose Ends

Running Time: 29:49


Directed by Duncan Briely Pulse

Two brothers, Mike and Henry, take a robbery job from a shady fixer only to find they are in a lot deeper than they intended. Will they survive or will they become a loose end in this gritty crime drama short film?


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Balas Y Boleros - A Mariachi Tale

Awarded for Y'All Texans

Running Time: 14:00

Directed by Carlos Diaz

She was kept hidden for decades, deceived her entire life. Now 20+ years later, just like her father she's back to settle the score with someone. Anyone. Everyone.

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A Few Seconds of Violence

Running Time: 10:49

Austin, TX

Directed by Avraham Ben Yehuda

In attempts to save their marriage, a couple goes to counseling, only to find out they were never meant to be.

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A Cowboy in the Suburbs

Running Time: 3:36

Austin, TX

Directed by Michael Scott Payton

Music video: Nobody understands the stranger's pain.

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Chef’s Call

Running Time: 11:13

Dallas, TX

Produced by Kat Hernandez

Camilo, a Hispanic line cook, struggles with the pressures of working in a corporate steakhouse. Yet his long day never ends when his tone-deaf neighbors decide to put on a celebration for him.


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All For You

Awarded for Women Voices

Running Time: 11:13

Houston, TX

Directed by Dawn Reavis

All for You" is a heartfelt story that revolves around Cassie Jackson, a successful lawyer, and her mother, Darlene. Cassie is on the brink of a major promotion, but her concerns for her mother's health and independence weigh heavily on her. Darlene, despite her health issues, is adamant about staying in her home.

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Take Me To The Woods

Running Time: 7:47

Houston, TX

Directed by Sarah Loraine Deitrich

To seek solace after the sudden death of her husband and daughter, a woman sets out to the woods where she intends to live life as a fairy, that is, until reality sets in.

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My Lullaby

Running Time: 7:47

San Antonio, TX

Written and Acted by Gillian Devaal, Produced by Jenna Vega & Directored by Diego Enrique Morales

Gillian DeVaal's secret dependence on hard prescription meds is the only thing preserving her desired self-image in this intimate autobiographical portrait of a young musician struggling with chronic eczema.

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Running Time: 11:00

Los Angeles, CA

Directed by Kayla Fyfe

When she has the chance to hold her former abuser accountable for his crimes, a traumatized young woman must confront her buried trauma to reclaim her power and keep him from hurting anyone else.

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Running Time: 11:40

Directed by Sharie Vance

The film explores themes of family dynamics, communication barriers, the impact of past experiences on the present, and the challenges of caregiving. It paints a picture of a complex relationship between a daughter and her aging father, weaving together past and present in a reflective narrative.

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Morning Star

Running Time: 28:06

United Kingdom

Directed by Zara Balfour

Set against the backdrop of 1940s Malta, this true story weaves together the magnetic tale of Christina, a British entertainer, and the fearless RAF pilot, Warby, whose love story unfolds amidst the impending darkness of World War II.